The Problem

Social media has been focusing more on keeping their users addicted to their service by feeding them constant flows of what they want to hear. This has lead to confirmation bias and dangerous divisions.

Our Solution

Users post their perspective, swap opinions, and advocate for ideas. We are giving our users power behind their generated content. With each like, their ideas gets closer to being posted to their leaders. Leaders then clearly sees the desires of the people.


VoxPopin is bringing order to the disorder of social media. By abandoning traditional algorithms and commenting, we are challenging the public to engage with many points of view. We aim to offer a deeper connection between the public’s needs and the politician’s actions.

How it works



Submit a video "pop", that shares your voice to leadership, whether that be a politician, business leader, or your peers. People associated with the leadership see the video, and vote up or down on it. With enough up votes, it gets posted to the profile of the leader to respond to.



Request to "swap" ideas with a video response to the creator of the video. By forgoing traditional commenting, we are getting rid of anonymous trolling, and aiming for a healthier way to communicate together. 


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User Feedback

"I think the idea is very cool. I’d most likely use it when something either in my community or at a national level is bothering me/I feel is wrong and I want to voice my opinion"

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