What is VoxPopin?

VoxPopin is a new type of social media app that is founded in ethical and responsible technology. Our goal is to restore respectful discussions to digital interactions and offer a healthier way of connecting with each other.  We challenge our users to interact with each other without borders or party lines. To listen to each other again. By so doing, we are also creating a clearer connection between the voice of the people and their leadership. 

Our Story

Our story was founded on a Ringling Brother's and Barnum & Bailey circus train. Our CEO, Lauren Solomon

 was a teacher with the circus, sketching ideas for digital products between lesson plans. She was sharing her idea of VoxPopin to a clown. He asked her when she was going to build it. She told him she didn't know how so she wouldn't. He told her, in true clown wisdom, “If you aren’t going to do anything with your ideas, you should stop having them.” It hit her deeply that she could never stop having ideas.


Lauren then reached out to her friend, Amanda Tafua, our co-founder. Lauren asked Amanda if there was a way for them to make this happen. Amanda was enthusiastic about VoxPopin, and wanted to assist in building it. Problem was, neither of them had any tech experience.


So Lauren ran away from the circus and joined a bootcamp to teach her all about user experience design. Amanda refocused her career on the sales and success of technology startups. 

After seeing their country struggle with Covid-19, civil unrest, and election chaos, they could see a great divide spreading between the people and their leadership, and the people from each other. They knew now was the time to build VoxPopin. They had the knowledge they needed to make it a success.


After many accelerators, through Y combinator, Female Founders School, and Microsoft for Start Ups, VoxPopin is ready to gear up for its Alpha launch. 

To find out how to be included in our story, please contact us at info@voxpopin.com.  

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